Virginia moms make long trek

Published 12:01 am Friday, July 13, 2012

Virginia natives Tami Streib (far left) and Kristen and Scott Flath (far right), along with their son Michael pose for a picture Thursday morning at the Southeast Regional Baseball Tournament at Johnson Park. Andrew Garner/Star-News



Driving from Stafford, Va., to Andalusia takes about 14 hours.

But watching your sons play in the 2012 8 and under Cal Ripken Southeast Regional Baseball Tournament for Virginia natives Tami Streib and Kristen Flath is timeless.

Streib and Flath have sons who play on the Stafford baseball team in the regional tournament.

They said Stafford is in a small county about an hour South of Washington, D.C., and near Fredericksburg.

Both said they are enjoying their first visit to Andalusia. This is the first time the baseball team has competed in regionals.

“We love it,” Flath said. “We’re having a really good time.”

“I think they have a fantastic chance,” Streib said about her son, Zack’s, team. “They were undefeated until the final game in Virginia. They did really, really well.”

Weather-wise, Streib said it’s a bit cooler here than it was in Virginia last week.

“All week long, our boys were playing in head indexes of 110 last week and the week before,” Streib said. “So, this is actually a break for us.”

But she did say the humidity is the same.

Flath said the trip was a “long” one, but well worth it to watch their sons play in the tournament. It took about two days to make the drive down.

As a little nugget of information about their town, George Washington’s boyhood home is in Stafford. He grew up at Ferry Farm.

Streib’s husband is Mike, one of the assistant coaches of the team; and Flath’s husband is Scott, and she has two sons, David (who plays for Stafford) and Michael.