Red Oak native brings deer products here

Published 12:01 am Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Up in a tree stand with pine trees surrounding his position, Red Oak native Jamie Bulger wondered why the deer kept smelling his scent.

Then, he had an idea.

Bulger broke off a few pine needles and started rubbing his arms and clothes to become a pine tree.

From there, the B.A. Tree Pine Cover Scent was born in 1987.

Bulger has been in the hunting business since 1987, and has been the president of Hunter’s Edge, LLC, since 1997.

“Nobody really knew anything about odor-elimination products,” Bulger said. “Nothing was being done in 1987.

“Out of necessity, I came across a couple different products and that’s how I came up with a formulation, and consequently we came up with B.A. Tree Pine Cover Scent.”

Bulger’s company was on display at the Covington Sportsman’s Expo at the Kiwanis Building over the weekend. One couldn’t miss it because lures, dove decoys and urine scent bottles were on display.

Bulger said he sells oak, earth, urine and neutralizers in his scent catalogue, along with the pine tree scent.

Other products Hunter’s Edge sells include deer grunts, B.A. Buck and doe scents; turkey calls and all sorts of dove and turkey decoys.

From February until July, Bulger said he doesn’t sell many things for the outdoors.

“I love to fish and I got into the lure business,” he said. “Basically, I took that window of time and brought out out the lure line.”

Bulger said he sells lures that are manufactured in Eufaula and China under a division of Hunter’s Edge, called Reel Lures.

Growing up, Bulger said he started hunting when he was 10 years old and that it was a “way of life” for his family.

“I just grew up in it and around it,” he said. “It also was a way my dad put food on the table. We grew up on a 120-acre farm and my dad raised about 50 head of cattle. He always ranged 25-50 cows.

“We ate out of the garden and hunting and fishing was a part of life,” he said. “We also shot game as a part of living.”

Bulger goes on hunts all over the world, traveling to Alaska, New Zealand, Canada and Africa, to name a few.

He said his favorite hunt is calling the “rut” in the Mid West with a bow in his hand.

“If I had to hunt a game animal, it would be a white tail deer with a bow,” he said.

Bulger said he won’t quit developing products for hunters.

“I’m developing all of the time to add new products to the hunting and fishing catalogues,” he said.

Bulger lives in Bainbridge, Ga., and is married to Kristi. He has two children, Hunter and Cole.