Turman: Road list is proactive

Published 12:03 am Thursday, March 28, 2013

County Commissioner Carl Turman said Wednesday the by-district road list is a “proactive, not reactive” measure, and one all residents should examine closely.

“(As commissioners) we want to serve everyone the same and make sure all the dirt roads are taken care of,” Turman said.

County engineer Darren Capps said last week his staff has compiled a by-district list of the county-maintained dirt roads. The commission will be asked to adopt the list, and those listed will be part of the road maintenance program plan.

According to the engineer’s office, there are 190 roads totaling 185 miles in District 4, the majority of which Turman described as “pure clay.”

He said he and a former road superintendent, the late Gary Hardage, began a similar road cataloguing system years ago.

“When we were in the district system, we rode all the roads and tried the best we could to document each road, how long it was and how to get to it,” Turman said. “This is one of the projects where I felt we needed to be proactive, not reactive, and was something we could do to make the county better. I’m glad we’re taking care of things with a good understanding with the people that we’re (commissioners) doing our best to see you’re taken care of.”

If not listed on the county-maintained list, the road won’t be on the maintenance list.

“Look and make sure your road is on the list,” Turman said. “If not, contact us and let us know because sometimes we miss things. We don’t mean to, but it just happens.”

Roads in District 4 are:

A: Abby Road, Ada Road, Anderson Road, Annie Lee Lane,

Arnold Road, Arrow Loop Road and Atkison Road;

B: Barefoot Road, Barnes Bridge Road, Bell Hill Road, Berry Road, Bethlehem Road, Blackmon Road, Blocker Road, Boat Landing Road, Bob Lee Road, Bozeman Road, Bridge Road, Brogden Road, Brooks School Road, Bruno Road, Buster Merrill Road and Bryant Road;

C: Caraway Road, Casey Lee Road, Castleberry Road, Caton Road, Chesser Road, Clayton Road, the dirt portion of County Road 21, Colvin Road, Container Road, Cook Loop Road, Cooley Road, Cox Road and Cross Road;

D: Dogwood Road;

E: Eiland Road;

F: Falls Road, Ferrell Road, Fisherman’s Road, FOP Lodge Road, Fowler Road, Franklin Lane, Fred Worley Road and Furman Road;

G: Gantt Lake Road, Gibson/Colvin Road, Glisson Road, Gomillion Road, Gorum Bridge Road, Greenwood Court, Grider Mock Road and Gunter Lane;

H: Hall Road, Hallford Road, Henderson Road, Hill Road,

Hog Creek Road, Hub Road, Huckaba Road, Hughes Road, Hutcheson Road and Hutto Road;

I: Indian Springs Loop Road and Irving Road;

J: J.D. Williamson Road, Jackson Road, Jake Lee Lane, Jasper Road, JH Sellars Road, Jim Clark Road, Johnson Road, Jordan Grove Ext. Road, Jordan Grove Road, Josey Road and Jungle Nook Road;

K: Kayak Road and Kervin Road;

L: Lambert Road, Lattice Loop Road, Lindsey Loop Road and Lodge Road;

M: MacTarajo Road, Maddox Road, Memorial Lane, Memory Lane, Mills Road, Mitchell Cemetery Road, Mizell Road, Morgan Road, Murray Road and Music Road;

N: National Road, New Home Road and Nolen Road;

O: Oak Grove Road, Oaky Streak Road, Oglesby Road, Over Yonder Road and Owens Lane;

P: Pate Road, Patterson Road, Perrette Road, Perry Road, Pigo Lane, Plank Branch Road, Pressley Road, Prestwood Bridge Road and Pruitt Road;

R: Rawls Point Road, Ratcliff Road, Raymond Loop, Ready Creek Road, Ridgeview Road, Riley Road, Road off Ada Road, Rogers Lane Road, Rosin Ridge Road, Roundtree Road, Rowell Road and Roy Lee Road;

S: Sabel Fish Lane, Sanders Road, Sasser/Clark Road, Sheridan Lane, Sellers Pond Road, Shady Grove Road, Sharpe Road, Sims Bridge Road, Smithhart Road, Smokehouse Road, Snook Road, South Pine Road, Stallings Road, Stella Road, Stokes Lane, Swamp Road, Sweatt Road, Swinson Road and Syrup Road;

T: T. Bridge Road, Tobacco Road, Trix Road, Trudy Road, Tupelo Road, Turkey Creek Road, Twin Oaks Road and Tyler Wells Road;

V: Vera Cruz Church Road, Vincent Road and Volana Road;

W: Wagon Wheel Road, Ward Road, Waycross Road, Welcome Church Road, Welding Shop Lane, Wells Road, Whatley Road, Wheeler Road, Williamson Road, Willie Frank Road and Wilson Dairy Road;

Z: Zacchini Road and Zell Ready Road.

In River Falls: Covington St, Crittaden Road, Dewberry Street, Ellis Avenue, Francess Avenue, Gamble Avenue, Guy Avenue, Lewis Street, Pine Ridge Road, Styles Avenue and Taylor Road

In Red Level (city): Duggan Road, Fairview Lane, Smiley Street, Thomas Road and Woodlawn Road.

In Gantt: Deer Run Road, Hatcher Avenue, Jeff Street, Kilpatrick Road, Powerhouse Road, Rawls Avenue, Rene Street, Tori Street and Victoria Street.

District 4 residents’ who do not see their road listed are asked to contact the county engineer’s office at 334-428-2620.