Couple jailed for stealing spree

Published 12:03 am Friday, June 21, 2013

A River Falls couple is in a slew of trouble after they allegedly went on a seven-day stealing and shopping spree, courtesy of unlocked vehicles in Andalusia.

Sgt. Jody Scott of the Andalusia Police Department said Rachel E. Rice, 31, and her husband, 28-year-old Travis Dean Rice, are each facing 18 counts of fraudulent use of a credit/debit card and theft of property.

“(They) went on a seven-day spree of going through local businesses’ parking lots finding unsecured vehicles and taking items from the unsecured vehicles,” Scott said. “The couple would spend the cash they had taken and would use the credit/debit card they took until the cards would no longer work. Then, the couple would discard all the items after the cards quit working and move on to the next vehicle.”

Scott said the couple stole the items by reaching through open vehicle windows.

“And they got a lot of cash and used the ATM cards to purchase every day supplies, toiletries and food,” Scott said. “It was whatever they wanted at the time.”

Mrs. Rice also faces four counts of theft and a breaking and entering charge and is being held in the county jail on a $233,000 bond.

Mr. Rice is being held in the county jail on a $220,000 bond.

The two also face additional charges in River Falls for a similar crime, said the town’s police chief, Greg Jackson.

Jackson said $20,000 will be added to the couple’s bond amounts.

“With all that said, we again ask residents to please lock your doors and roll up the windows on your vehicles,” Scott said. “Leaving your vehicle unsecured is an open opportunity for anyone who would like to steal from you, to do so. Just last evening in one local parking lot there were four cars with their windows down, doors unlocked, and cell phones and/or purses or wallets in arms reach.”