Cold case suspect makes court debut

Published 12:04 am Saturday, June 22, 2013

A fleet of armed policemen stood guard Friday as the Okaloosa County, Fla., man charged with the attempted murder of a Wing man in 2005 made his first court appearance in Covington County.

At his mandatory 72-hour hearing, the 54-year-old Jackie Long appeared every inch the prisoner – wearing black and white prison stripes while handcuffed and shackled. He did not speak as Judge Lex Short announced the July 30 date for a preliminary hearing.

Short announced that since Long could not afford an attorney, local attorney Larry Grissett would be appointed to represent him.

Long is known to have an extensive criminal history in Florida, with charges ranging from felony battery to drug possession and theft.

As for the increased security, District Attorney Walt Merrell said, “Our sheriff’s office does a great job of knowing the background of the people that come through this courthouse and takes the necessary steps needed.”

Long spoke only briefly to law enforcement, and at one point, asked for a pair of reading glasses so that he could fill out a request for an attorney.

No one from Jordan’s family attended the day’s proceedings.

Long and his son, Shane, are charged equally in what was described as a “brutal assault” on Jordan.

“They attempted to rob Mr. Jordan and commit a theft, but it went bad. Mr. Jordan suffered massive blunt force trauma to the left orbital socket and temple region and forehead,” Merrell said previously. “He also suffered a significant skull fracture and had permanent loss of sight in his left eye.”

“There is some medical evidence that support Mr. Jordan’s death was a result of the home invasion,” he said.

Nothing was taken from the home, and Merrell said law enforcement was unable to develop leads following the attack. Jordan ultimately died in 2007 from the injuries, Merrell said. He was 62.