Rite Aid buys Pharm-a-care

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 9, 2013

Andalusia’s Pharm-a-care location closed its doors Wednesday night for the final time after the store was sold to Rite-Aid.

Pharm-a-care owner Charles T. Smith said in a formal letter to Pharm-a-care customers that the decision to close the store was based on several factors. He added the Pharm-a-care location in Florala will remain open, while the Andalusia store will reopen as a medical supply business.

“We will continue to own and operate Florala Pharmacy/Pharm-a-care as a full-service pharmacy,” Smith wrote. “Those of you requiring compounded prescription medications may continue to use us for those specialized services.”

Smith said files, records and remaining refills would all be transferred to the Andalusia Rite-Aid, which is located on River Falls Street in close proximity to the former Pharm-a-care location.

Smith also said he was very pleased that most of his Pharm-a-care staff in Andalusia has been absorbed by Rite-Aid,

“I am pleased to say that our entire clerical, delivery and pharmacy staff, including pharmacy technicians and pharmacists, have been offered employment positions at Rite-Aid,” he said. “You’ll still be dealing with familiar faces you’ve come to respect and trust for your prescription needs.”

Smith said Rite-Aid will also be beginning a new service by utilizing one of his former Pharm-a-care employees.

“Rite-Aid is going to start free prescription delivery, using our driver Donnie Morgan,” Smith wrote. “For our charge account customers, Rite-Aid will offer our customers with accounts in good standing charge accounts as well.”

Smith said current customers with charge accounts may continue to pay by mail or at the former Pharm-a-care location, which will be renamed CareMed.

Smith said CareMed will offer hospital beds, lift chairs, oxygen and respiratory supplies and other medical and home-care equipment.

“Our current staff, including Becky Mackoff, respiratory therapist, will continue to serve our patients’ needs,” Smith wrote. “Trudy Obenhofer, Mike Harvey, Amber Gladwell and new employee Rachel Stokes will continue working in our home medical equipment business. My wife, Betty, will continue to be deeply involved, and my son, Shelby, will manage the overall operations.”

Smith said working in Andalusia has been a special experience, adding that his team is looking forward to continuing to serve the area through CareMed.

“I has been my pleasure, and that of my employees as well, to be a small part of (Andalusia),” he wrote. “The people of Andalusia and Covington County and the entire medical community are wonderful and a pleasure to serve. My employees and I wish you all the best and thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for allowing us the opportunity to have served you.”