Clark Theatre upgrade is ‘night and day’

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Movie buffs in the Andalusia area no longer have to travel out of town for a state-of-the-art cinematic experience.

Mack Clark Jr., owner of Clark Theatres in Andalusia and Enterprise, said all of his theatres are now 100 percent digital. And, Clark says, the difference is enormous.

“You see a beautifully clear picture on the screen and the sound is so crisp,” Clark said.

Clark said the change from film to digital projectors was an expensive, but necessary, addition to his movie theaters.

“We went from 35 mm film to digital projection,” he said. “The entire industry is moving away from film.”

Michael Kimbril, manager of Andalusia’s Clark Theater, said the digital projectors have been in use since the last week in October, and echoed Clark’s sentiments concerning the new equipment.

“I was thrilled with the look and the sound,” Kimbril said. “Once you see it, you instantly know it is new. It is better than your high-def TV at home. It’s just night and day.”

Kimbril said the new digital equipment completely eliminates the “pops and cracks and flickers” people had to endure when watching with traditional film projectors.

Kimbril added that, while the new projectors were pricy, the fees will be well worth it in the end.

“We were having to get all of our movies from overseas,” he said. “There were no processing houses in the U.S. that were even processing the 35 mm film anymore.”

With the new upgrade now complete, Kimbril said fans are already appreciating the change.

“We’ve been competing with football season as of lately,” he said. “But, like when ‘Thor’ came out, oh yeah, there was a difference.”

Despite the upgrades, Clark said there has been no change in the prices of tickets or concessions at his theatres.

Kimbril said other renovations, such as roof work and new seating, is a possibility in the future, but added that taking care of viewers’ movie quality was job one.

“It was either convert or shut our doors,” he said. “It was go big or go home, and we went big.”

Kimbril also said the new equipment gives Clark Theatres the possibility of upgrading to 3D movies if demand dictates, but said that capability has not yet been added.

“Some people don’t really like 3D movies,” he said. “But can they be upgraded? Oh yeah. We are hoping this will take us far into the future.”

Kimbril said Andalusia’s Clark Theatre is open 365 days a year. For more information and show times, Kimbril said to call 334.222.4761 or visit