Interim Andy chief at work

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lt. Paul Hudson serves as Andalusia Police Department’s Interim police Chie

Lt. Paul Hudson serves as Andalusia Police Department’s Interim police Chie

Andalusia Interim Police Chief Paul Hudson may be waiting to find out if his new position will become a permanent post, but in the mean time, working on relationships throughout the county is high on his priority list.

“There is always room for improvement anywhere you go,” Hudson said. “We want to make sure that we all can get along here at the police department and with outside agencies, and build on those relationships to make them better. We want to work together for the citizens of Andalusia and Covington County.”

Hudson was named interim police chief by Mayor Earl Johnson following the retirement of former chief Wilbur Williams in November.

“The mayor made the decision with the council and I agreed to it,” Hudson said. “It is totally up to the mayor on whether or not to make me the permanent chief.”

Hudson, an APD lieutenant, wasn’t alone in stepping into a new position. Lt. Paul Dean also moved up, becoming Interim Assistant Police Chief when former Assistant Chief Mike Bowlan was named director of operations of the Wilbur W. Williams Law Enforcement Training Center and administrative liaison for police affairs for the City of Andalusia.

Hudson said, currently, there are several ongoing cases to focus on, as well as everyday police work.

“There are a few big pending cases,” Hudson said. “We’ve got this big theft ring that we have dealt with in Opp and that area that we’re working with some outside agencies on.”

As interim chief, Hudson brings with him years of experience in Andalusia and the surrounding area. Hudson, who grew up in the Brantley-Opp area, joined APD as a “patrol officer” in June of 1994. He was promoted to lieutenant in 1999 and served on the 22nd Judicial Drug Task Force from 2003 until December of 2012. Hudson said he has spent the last year working “back on patrol,” adding his new assignment will take him “off the streets,” giving him a chance to make a difference from the administrative angle.

Hudson said he wasn’t aware of any timeline related to a decision on a permanent police chief.