Schools get more wi-fi for Christmas

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas came early for some Andalusia students who asked Santa for better wi-fi for their teachers.

“This year I want Miss Clark wishes for wi-fi and for her apple TV to work,” wrote one student.

“Please bring Mrs. Weed some wi-fi,” wrote another.

A project designed to do just that for Andalusia City Schools was finished this week, Superintendent Ted Watson said.

For months, the superintendent and board members have been discussing an infrastructure update.

“What it really was was an infrastructure overhaul,” Watson said. “What was taking place was the way the Internet fed into our school was a pretty broad highway.”

But once it got into Andalusia High School to be directed across the system, it “choked down to like a two-lane.”

With the overhaul, he said, the speed within the schools caught up with the speed at which information comes into the system.

“We also allowed room for growth in the future because we know technology will continue to grow,” he said. “We’re working to keep pace with it, and we’ve put ourselves into a really good situation.”

Already, the state Department of Education is starting to move standardized testing to online models, which previously has  overloaded the infrastructure of many systems.

“We have it finished now,” Watson said. “Everybody has been real enthusiastic about the whole thing.”