Lots is new at All Is Well

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 6, 2014

New All Is Well owner Sharri Bowman, right, and employee Amanda Windham take a break from stocking the store with new inventory items.

New All Is Well owner Sharri Bowman, right, and employee Amanda Windham take a break from stocking the store with new inventory items.

Lots of people plan to change their lives when the New Year rolls around, but this January, Andalusia native Sharri Bowman put her money where her mouth was – literally, by buying a local business she had grown to love.

“I had been taking yoga here for the last two years,” Bowman said of All Is Well Health and Inspirations on E. Three-Notch St. “One evening the owner announced she was selling. I jokingly turned to another girl and said, ‘We should buy it.’ ”

Bowman said that was October, and just three months later, her joke has become a reality.

“I kicked the idea around and started crunching some numbers, and decided to do it,” she said.

After spending more than 13 years working in various positions at Shaw Industries, Bowman said owning her own business is both exciting and scary, adding former owner Shanda Beste has been extremely helpful throughout the entire process.

“She’s been so sweet,” Bowman said. “We want to offer quality products that are good for people, and everything in this store is meant to improve your health. That was Shanda’s purpose.”

Bowman said Beste left her with a great business model and three wonderful employees, but added improvements are also on the way for the store.

“We’re already getting in a lot of new products and expanding the inventory,” Bowman said. “It’s new and exciting stuff.”

Bowman said some aspects of business will continue, while still others will be slightly modified.

Bowman said yoga classes will continue to be taught on location, and will begin again today after being discontinued in late 2013.

“We’ll offer yoga classes every Thursday from 6 until 7 p.m.,” Bowman said. “Amy Henderson will be our new teacher. It’s $20 for a month, or if you want to just take one session, it is $8. I’m super excited about that.”

Bowman also said she plans to offer organic meats and produce in a way she hopes will be much more accessible to the public.

“Before, you had to be part of a buyer’s club,” she said. “That bothered me, and I wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the fine meats, instead of there being a cooler that only a few people were buying from.”

Bowman said, not only is the organic meat healthier than its counterparts, but it also comes from local suppliers.

“I have full intentions of stocking more meat,” she said. “This is grass-fed beef, and it’s some of the best meat you’ll ever taste.”
Bowman said her store purchases meat from Albert Cravey, a Covington County supplier, and hopes to soon add pork products from Opp.

“We love the idea of keeping it local,” Bowman said.

When it comes to organic produce, Bowman said the buyer’s club system will continue, at least for the time being.

“I’d love to be able to stock it here, but that’s not practical right now,” she said. “But we offer fresh produce each week. We have the Cornucopia package for $32 a week, and the Plain Jane for $25.”

Bowman said the produce included is seasonal, varies each week and is still available at below  most retail prices.

Bowman said she is excited by all of the new changes, but she isn’t alone. Employees Susan LeBrun, Miranda Diehl Contaline and Amanda Windham were all employed by Beste, and will carry over to work for Bowman.

Customers are also thrilled. Andalusia resident Zula Madrigal said she has become a regular of All Is Well, and is ecstatic that it will remain open.

“I’ve been coming here for probably six months,” Madrigal said. “I’m very happy (they are staying open). I’m very happy with the food here.”

Bowman said she hopes Madrigal’s enthusiasm is shared by others in the Andalusia area.

“We’re probably the only store for at least an hour where you can find these sorts of things,” she said. “We hope people are excited.”

Bowman said a grand re-opening event is tentatively scheduled for March. In the meantime, All is Well Health and Inspiration is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

For more information, call 334.343.7478 or visit them on Facebook.