Good Samaritan sought

Published 11:48 pm Monday, April 21, 2014

A Wing woman is searching for a Good Samaritan after a man helped her in a time of trouble Sunday afternoon.

Carolyn McCollough called the Star-News Monday morning and said she was searching for a gentleman who had helped her at Open Pond.

“I was at Open Pond with my family, and I walked down to the bathroom,” she said. “As I was coming back I got real, real dizzy and confused.”

McCollough said she suffers from shingles in her head, which she’s had for some time, and it occasionally makes her disoriented.

“When it happens, I can’ walk straight and I fall,” she said. “Sunday, I fell. This man – in a yellow shirt – said, ‘Ma’am, are you alright?’ He came running.”

McCollough said the man helped her all the way back to where her family was.

“One of my daughters saw him helping me,” she said. “My grandson, son and my husband came running to me.”

McCollough said she didn’t get the man’s name, and she wasn’t able to thank him for helping her.

“He was just so sweet helping a stranger,” she said. “There’s just not that many people in this world who are that nice. I don’t know of any other way to find him except to put it in the paper. I would like for him to call me, so I can thank him.”

Anyone with any information, can contact McCollough at 334-572-4520.