AAA: Price shopping crucial piece in gas price market; convenience driving up costs

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gas prices are inching upward without much change in crude oil prices in the past few months, according to AAA.

The least expensive gas in Andalusia on Tuesday was $3.53 per gallon and found at the Gitty-Up-N-Go.

“Honestly, the biggest reason (for the high gas prices) is our lack of prices shopping,” said AAA spokesperson Clay Ingram. “Crude oil prices have had very little change in the past few months, so there is little reason for prices to increase.”

Ingram said it’s convenience that is making prices higher.

“Drivers seem more concerned with convenience than prices, and that means prices will be higher,” he said. “We need to create some competition in the marketplace to help push prices lower, and we do that by purchasing the lowest priced gasoline we can find, every tank full.”

Ingram said drivers currently are not doing that.

“Some motorists are hesitant to buy from unbranded gas stations such as RaceTrac or Cowboys, but there is no reason to avoid those stations as all the gas comes from the same pipeline and usually even the same wholesaler,” he said.

The national average is $3.63 per gallon, which is up from $3.50 a year a go.

Alabama’s average is $3.58 per gallon.