Traffic changes coming to AES

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Andalusia City Schools are gearing up for big changes in the 2014-15 school year, and at least one change will require parents to get into a new groove.

Andalusia Elementary – now home to grades K-4 through sixth, has adopted new traffic and loading/unloading policies.

The traffic patterns were developed with the Andalusia Police Department last spring in an effort to streamline traffic issues on the campus.

Beginning next month, AES will have three loading and unloading zones – red, yellow and blue.

The red zone, or main entrance off Hwy. 29, is for buses only.

The yellow zone is for Pre-K, kindergarten, first and second grade students. The drop off/pick up zone is behind the cafeteria.

Parents will enter the yellow zone from Moore Road, and remain in the right lane following the appropriate arrows.

At the stop sign, yellow zone parents will turn right, follow the arrows for drop-off, and exit campus on Moore Road.

The blue zone is for third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade students. The drop off/pick up zone is located behind the second and third grade wing.

Parents will enter the campus from Hwy. 29 at the lower drive in front of the school. They will then follow the blue arrows at the Hwy. 29 entrance, follow the blue arrows for drop-off, and exit campus on Hwy. 29.

AES principal Alane Brunson said parents with children in each zone, should go to the zone designated for the youngest child and allow the older child to walk through the school to his classroom.

No changes will be made to traffic patterns on rain days, Brunson said.

An animated traffic pattern is available for viewing on the Andalusia City Schools website at