Local business to offer flu shot program

Published 12:01 am Saturday, August 16, 2014

$10.4 billion – that’s how much the Centers for Disease Control estimates that flu in the workplace costs businesses throughout the country each season.

One local pharmacy is reaching out to businesses to help curb the spread of the illness, through a workplace flu shot program.

Through the program, Rite Aid pharmacy will bring flu shots to the work place and at a convenient time, or when employers have the opportunity to send employees to the pharmacy.

“This past flu season saw an escalated number of adults ages 16-18 hospitalized for the flu,” said Nicole Pettie, local wellness ambassador. “Why? Many experts believe this is due to the fact that almost two-thirds of this age group did not receive the 2012-2013 flu shot.”

Pettie said employers can minimize the impact of the flu on employees and businesses by partnering to protect the workforce.

“Healthier employees lead to improved productivity and less absenteeism, which equates to a better bottom line,” she said.

A fully trained pharmacist administers immunizations.

The program offers flexible billing options, including direct insurance carrier billing, direct business billing, direct employee billing and flu vouchers can be issued and used at any Rite Aid location.

For more info, call Pettie at 222-9414.