Saints get new batting cages

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Shown are LBWCC's new batting cages. The Saints' baseball and softball programs have more room to work in one space.

Shown are LBWCC’s new batting cages. The Saints’ baseball and softball programs have more room to work in one space.

Saints fans won’t be able to miss the new batting cages right behind the softball field’s right center field fence at LBWCC this coming season.

The Andalusia campus broke ground on the new hitting facility for baseball and softball in the middle of April, Saints assistant baseball coach Brandon Ware said.

Land was cleared for a 80-foot by 80-foot concrete slab. Then, poles and cables were erected.

LBWCC assistant baseball coach Brandon Ware said players reported on Aug. 16. Two days later, they were laying carpet (turf) and hanging the nets for the new batting cages, he said.

“It’s ready to go,” Ware said.

The cage’s location is convenient for both teams, Ware said.

“That was the best spot for both teams,” he said. “From a practice stand point, it’s easy for both (LBWCC softball) coach (Candace) Tucker and us to see what’s going on down there.”

Coaches will be able to see plenty as each cage is 12-feet wide and 70-feet long. There is enough room for four individual cages, Ware said.

Additionally, located on the side closest to the softball field, between the edge of the fence and the cage, is another soft toss area for players.

“So, you can put four or five hitters either doing soft toss or hitting off the tee,” Ware said.

Having a new facility such as this is a big “improvement” for the baseball and softball programs, not only from a recruiting stand point, but because it provides enough room to get a lot done during practice.

“It’s something to sell to recruits,” Ware said. “To be able to show them this shows them that we continue to make improvements to our facilities.”

Ware said the new goal now is to find a way, financially, to get the cages covered.

“We’d love to enclose it,” he said.