Season just past starts story

Published 12:28 am Saturday, January 3, 2015


We have come to my favorite season of the year! There are several reasons for this being my favorite season.

I guess the things that catch most folks’ attention first are the beautiful decorations. Admittedly, the decorations are beautiful and we enjoy them. Many are breathtaking in their beauty, and the excitement begins at the moment the decorations begin to appear. BUT, this is NOT the REAL story of what Christmas is all about!!

Some people are caught up in the music of Christmas. Well, I agree that I am attracted to some of the music, also. Not only is it beautiful, but some of it tells the story of our Savior’s birth which is the reason for the season.

Some people are attracted to all of the pretty packages under the Christmas tree and will sit and wonder at the contents of each package. I love to watch children as they go to the tree and their eyes light up as they locate each gift with their name on it, then they take each gift and carefully shake it, trying to imagine the contents – many adults do the same thing.

Now, we get to the real reason for the season. There are only two of the four gospels that furnish us with a nearly complete account of the birth of Jesus Christ. Those accounts are recorded in the first two chapters of Matthew and the first two chapters of Luke. There are parts of the story that are recorded in other parts of the scriptures. I enjoy reading all of these. To me, they are just as refreshing and exciting each time I read them as they were the first time I read them.

I suppose this is my favorite season in that I starts the story of God’s son, Jesus, coming to earth to pay the price for my sin, so that if I put my faith and trust in Christ, I can have eternal life like John 3:16 says.

You can make this your favorite season also by following the directions in John 3:16. I hope – if you have not already done this – you will now and you can make this your favorite season.