How We Got Here: The Genesis of Today’s Culture

Published 12:02 am Saturday, February 14, 2015

This week a movie based on the best-selling book, “Fifty Shades of Grey,” will be released to coincide with Valentine’s Day. Before you decide to go see this movie, please be informed.

Though I chose not to read to the book due to its pornographic language, I have learned facts about the book, by reading reviews of those who did and by listening to interviews about it that compel me to warn people about the book and movie.

Psychologist Dr. Juli Slattery and author Dannah Gresh have written a book titled “Pulling Back the Shades” in which they expose the dangers of the book and movie. In an interview about their book, Slattery notes that the series of three books has sold over 100 million copies in the past three years. Only the Bible has outsold it.

“It is pornography for women,” stated Slattery. She also said what was most alarming to her was the spiritual references throughout the books. The main character’s name is Christian and his mother’s name is Grace. In a room he calls ‘The Red Room of Pain,’ he takes women and abuses them in many ways. There’s a wooden cross in the room that he uses. If the pornography and abuse were not offensive enough, the spiritual references are sacrilegious.

Instead of paying to see this movie that encourages violence against women, give a donation to a domestic violence shelter. Please ask others to do the same. “Our choices are shaped by what we believe is real and true, right and wrong, good and beautiful. Our choices are shaped by our worldview,” Chuck Colson once said. The Biblical worldview goes against the current culture.

How does a pornographic novel become a best-seller? How did we get to the place that marriage is devalued by men and women living together (census shows growing number) and redefined by same-sex marriage? Rod Dreher has written, “In the modern era, we have inverted the role of culture. Instead of teaching us what we must deprive ourselves of to be civilized, we have a society that tells us we find meaning and purpose in releasing ourselves from the old prohibitions.”

Colson has written, “The loss of moral authority in the law means we have forfeited the rule of law and reverted to arbitrary human rule. The rule of law cannot survive unless there is an unchanging and transcendent standard against which we can measure human laws. Otherwise, the law is whatever the lawmakers or judges say it is-which can only result, eventually, in the collapse of free government.”

I believe the genesis of our present-day cultural issues comes from abandoning the moral truth found in Genesis. The consequence of not believing that every human being is “made in the image of God,” as Genesis 1:26 states, is abortion on demand – and the loss of 57 million lives. Graphic violence against women becomes entertainment.

How can courts of popular opinion and courts at any level of government redefine the Biblical definition of marriage in Genesis 2:24? “When morality is reduced to personal preferences and when no one can be held morally accountable, society quickly falls into disorder,” according to Colson. I pray that it’s not too late to return to our founding fathers Judeo-Christian principles and values upon which our country was established.