ACHOO!  Rains to wipe away pollen

Published 1:19 am Saturday, March 21, 2015

A 90 percent chance of rain today is expected to wash away some of the pollen.

A 90 percent chance of rain today is expected to wash away some of the pollen.

With the first day of spring came a healthy dose of pollen.

According to a pollen index from the Weather Underground’s website, the pollen index for today is 9.20 out of 12.

But there is also a 90 percent chance of rain, which will help flush the pollen from the air.

Included in the pollen is cedar/juniper, elm and maple.

Pollen is released from trees, grasses and weeds each spring, summer and fall. It’s transported by air currents and enters human noses and throats, triggering allergic reactions.

Thirty-five million Americans complain from upper respiratory symptoms related to pollen, according to the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, which is a branch of the National Institute of Health.

To ward against pollen-related illness, follow these helpful tips:

• extreme solution: move to a place where the offending substance does not grow;

• remain indoors in the morning, when the outdoor pollen levels are highest;

• sunny, windy days are usually troublesome. Wear face masks designed to filter

pollen if working outside;

• seashore is an effective retreat for many pollen allergy sufferers;

• mold spores are difficult to avoid. Avoid raking and mowing the lawn;

• avoid traveling on dry windy days;

• air out summer cabins and rooms that are closed up all winter since they contain a

lot of mold spores;

• use air conditioning and filters in the house and car; and,

• medicines are available for people who cannot avoid airborne allergies. Check with your physician for appropriate care.