More information to come with weather warnings

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The National Weather Service will give more detailed information about severe storm threats in the near future, officials announced this week.

NWS forecasters said that in the event of a tornado or severe thunderstorm, they will begin to issue more specific information.

For example, if a tornado warning is issued, the warning will now tinclude whether it is radar-indicated or if a tornado has been confirmed on the ground.

Officials said information will let the public know what kind of damage is expected if any, or if they are in a life-threatening situation.

The goal is to make the warnings more effective, and make it easier for the public to know what precautions to take.

While the tornado warning system is currently only one category, the new system will break it into three categories. The first being a base warning, followed by a particularly dangerous warning and a tornado emergency or a catastrophic warning depending on the dangerousness of the storms.

These new warnings will go into effect for the NWS Mobile office on Oct. 1.

Regardless of the new warning system, Covington County EMA Director Susan Harris said she would continue to set off sirens for the entire county.

“It is good that we can report specific locations to the public,” she said.