Cynosure learns about floral arrangements

Published 12:01 am Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Andalusia Chamber of Commerce was the setting for the March meeting of the Andalusia Cynosure Club. Louisa Baker and Kathy Enzor served as hostesses for the occasion.

Mrs. Enzor introduced the program speakers, Stanley Sistrunk and Mary Hodson.

Stanley is the owner and floral designer of The Flower Store located in Auburn.

Mary is a floral designer assistant to Mr. Sistrunk. Together, the two native Alabamians have more than 60 years of experience in floral design with both designers attending Auburn University. Mr. Sistrumk, a horticulture graduate, demonstrated the “how-to’s” one needs to follow when preparing a floral centerpiece.

The demonstration table was filled with a variety of flowers, vases, and materials for floral arrangements. As the two talented presenters assembled an arrangement, they gave tried and true arranging tips. These instructions included “cutting flower stems under lukewarm water in order to allow for maximum water absorption.” Mr. Sistrunk suggested using varieties of colors and textures and “yes, it is ok to use even or odd numbers of flowers.” He did lament that “most spring flowers are not long-lasting” but assured the audience that with use of a variety of flowers and a lot of them comes a gradual loss of dying flowers. Just remove the dead foliage, he said. Both designers agreed that the water should be changed daily to assure longevity of the arrangement. Adding a drop of bleach or lemon-lime soda can keep water clear longer.

As the two speakers continued their discussion, they put together a beautiful arrangement of roses, tulips, hydrangea, lilies, carnations, and other flowers. When asked how much the arrangement would cost, Mr. Sistrunk suggested a retail price of $400. The gorgeous arrangement was placed on display in the foyer of the chamber much to the delight of Andalusia Chamber executive director, Chrissie Duffy. Ms. Hodson described the four arrangements that were displayed on the member tables. They had been prepared in advance by the designers. To the delight of the group, the assorted floral designs were given as door prizes.

During the program the membership enjoyed Cary Baker’s fantastic cinnamon buns, crackers topped with chicken salad, and fresh strawberries. Lemonade, fashioned from home grown lemons via the Baker garden and chilled water accompanied the refreshments.

A short meeting was conducted by president, Nancy Eldridge, with attention brought to the club’s April trip to Kitchenique in Destin, and an adoption of a slate of officers for 2015-2016.