Sometimes, luckily, timing is just perfect

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Right outside of the newspaper office, a white cat barely missed an opportunity to get its claws on an unsuspecting bird.

But, the bird proved too quick for the cat as it flew off to safety.

Perfect timing is everything.

Early Saturday morning, I got up at my first alarm — I’m a constant snoozer — and hopped in the shower to get ready for a long and full day of moving.

For some time now, I’ve moved all of my small stuff in my car, leaving my big stuff to hall last from Greenville.

When I finally arranged for a big truck to carry my big stuff from Greenville to Andalusia, I was happy to have the chance to get this task done.

After all, this was the third time in almost 11 months and at this point, to be honest, moving is not fun.

So, I drove my car to a gas station near Sellers, Ala., where my U-Haul truck was waiting for me.

I was a little nervous because the truck was actually bigger than what I needed. It was a 27-footer. I needed a 17-footer.

Once I get the keys and started down the road, I calmed down quite a bit because it wasn’t bad at all.

I just kept checking my mirrors to make sure the truck stayed on the road. There was one point where a thought flashed across my brain that one day, I could be a truck driver.

“I could travel the country,” I thought to myself.

The trip to Greenville was smooth, and a nice man offered to help me load my big stuff into the over-sized truck.

After taking a brief break, I didn’t want to waste anymore time and quickly got back on the road.

Let me say that once I woke up Saturday, I hoped and prayed that it wouldn’t rain or that it the rain would wait to drop after I got my big stuff moved.

It was a cloudy day and it threatened to rain all day with some spritzes, but it held off.

One of my neighbors in Andalusia helped me unload the U-Haul and I drove the truck back to the Sellers gas station without any trouble.

On the way back to Andalusia, I picked up another load with my car and emptied it pretty quickly, once I made it back home.

I thanked my stars that it didn’t rain at all up to this point.

However, not 30-45 minutes later, the rain came.

“Oh, there you are,” I said. “Perfect timing.”