APD gets new color scheme for vehicles

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 2, 2015

Andalusia Police Chief Paul Hudson stands with a new Tahoe. | Courtesy photo

Andalusia Police Chief Paul Hudson stands with a new Tahoe. | Courtesy photo

Out with the old, and in with the new.

That’s the motto the Andalusia Police Department has taken to heart as it’s putting a new blue color scheme on patrol vehicles.

APD Chief Paul Hudson said the red, yellow and black colors have been on there since around 1998.

“We decided that we wanted to change it up a little bit with these new vehicles,” Hudson said. “We found something we liked, and we went with it.”

Hudson said the reason why the department chose blue is because it plays off of the law enforcement emblem, which is a thin blue line sandwiched in between two black lines.

Currently, there are four APD patrol vehicles — three Chevrolet Tahoes and one Ford Crown Victoria — that have the new color scheme.

The sides have a black swoosh pointing down with “POLICE” spelled out in blue with the black “ANDALUSIA” above. The rear of the vehicle has the same swoosh with a blue “911” and black “Emergency.” On the back, “ANDALUSIA” is spelled in blue and “POLICE” is spelled in black.

Hudson said the new colors aren’t painted on. In fact, they are vinyl stickers that are provided by Pirate Graphics.

Hudson said two more new Tahoes will get the new color scheme in the next couple of months.

Most of the older patrol cars will still carry the old colors, but as new ones come in, eventually all will have the new color spread.

“The Mayor (Earl Johnson) and city council have been really good to us this year,” Hudson said. “They’ve actually allowed us to buy five new vehicles. They want us to have the best equipment.”

Hudson said the new colors look really good.

“Everybody I’ve talked to says they like the way it looks,” he said. “They like to see the change in it. It’s something that was needed. We wanted to change it up a little bit, especially after 10-15 years.”