Jury acquits man on marijuana charge in appeal

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Covington County jury found Marricus Wade not guilty of possession of marijuana II after a short, one-day trial on appeal Tuesday.

The defense and prosecution called one witness each to the stand, according to a press release from Wade’s attorney, Rod Sylvester.

Leland Enzor Jr. represented the state.

22nd Judicial Drug Task Force Agent David Harrell testified for the prosecution that  he came in contact with Wade during the 2013 May Day celebration in Opp, and that Wade discarded a small bag of marijuana underneath a parked car.

Wade testified that he didn’t have the marijuana in his possession and that he did not discard the drug.

“The jury deliberated for approximately 25 minutes, and returned with a not guilty verdict,” Sylvester said. “We are very grateful for the jury’s verdict. This is a good example of how the justice system should work. Each side put forth their evidence and let the jury sort it out.”

Enzor said the case dealt a lot with how law enforcement officials react to a situation with a big crowd.

“The jury disagreed,” Enzor said of the verdict. “Those are unselfish people. They get pennies. This is how the system works. They did their part.”