CCCPCC will need $87K a year by 2019

Published 12:03 am Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Covington County Children’s Policy Council Coalition will need a minimum of $87,000 per year to sustain its major programs and keep its staff.

The coalition currently has a number of grants, including a Drug Free Communities Grant, which will run out by budget year 2019.

Officials are required to submit a sustainability plan by the next budget year.

Carol Williams from Birmingham spoke to coalition members earlier this week about how to formulate a plan.

Williams gave examples of what needs to be sustained and how to come up with ways to fund it.

Among the strategies the group would like to continue includes lowering under age drinking; reducing marijuana use; and prescription drug abuse.

Williams said partnerships with law enforcement, schools, members of the judicial system, media, municipalities, corporate, mental health and more are vital.

Coalition director Susan Short said the organization would decrease its travel, as well, to cut down on expenses without the grants.

Williams encouraged members of the coalition to utilize four ways to make the budget work, including share, ask, charge and earn.

Suggestions were to share office personnel with another agency.

The policy council already utilizes in-kind space from LBWCC.

Additionally, another way presented is to ask for grants from places such as Walmart, a community foundation and local corporations.

“All of these have budgets you could work your way into as line items,” she said.

Another way Williams said the coalition could make money would be to charge the public. For example, if a member speaks locally.

“You’re providing a service,” she said.

Earning is the final suggestion.

Her suggestions included yard work and thrift stores.

The next step is for the group to form a committee or task force to focus on sustainability.