Fuel spills at Gitty-Up-N-Go

Published 12:02 am Friday, May 29, 2015

Approximately three gallons of diesel fuel spilled out of a vehicle after a customer left the fuel nozzle unattended Thursday morning at the Gitty-Up-N-Go gas station next to the Japanese Samurai Steakhouse.

Libertyville Fire Chief Alan Syler said three gallons at the most were spilled on the concrete, and were later soaked up with oil dry.

“Someone left the fuel nozzle unattended while they were in the vehicle,” Syler said. “It spilled before they realized it.”

Syler gave some safety tips when fueling up:

• no smoking around the fuel pump;

• don’t leave the fuel nozzle unattended;

• remove gas containers from the vehicle before filling them; and,

• don’t reenter the vehicle during fueling because a static charge can build up, causing the fuel to ignite.