Page dominates in pro-MMA debut

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cameron Page destroyed his opponent, Jimmy Alexander, Saturday in Biloxi, Miss., on his way to winning his professional MMA debut.


Page didn’t waste any time, as he won by submission just one minute and 47 seconds into the first round.


After striking back-and-forth to begin, Page said that Alexander rushed in on him, and attempted to throw some haymakers.


“When he rushed me he kind of got off balanced,” Page said. “So I double legged him and took him to the ground. He tried to roll out, and that is when I choked him.”


“I won with a submission move called the rear naked choke,” Page said. “I talked to the guy (Alexander) after, and this was his 10th professional MMA fight, and he has had more than 100 fights in his career overall. He was a cool guy, and I appreciate him for stepping in and taking the fight after the other guy backed out.”


The support from friends and family really motivated Page during the fight.


“There were about 150 people who drove all the way to Biloxi to watch me,” Page said. “The support was overwhelming. I stayed calm though. Even with all the people cheering me on, all I could hear were my coaches, and that is what you want. It was an awesome feeling when I won. A lot of hard work came down to one night. I felt like I wasn’t just fighting for me, I was doing it for my coaches, family, friends and teammates. Without all of them I wouldn’t be where I am today.”


Page said he will get back to work training for his next fight, which hasn’t been set yet.


“I didn’t get banged up or anything,” Page said. “So I will probably try to do a quick turn around. I’ve got some guys that I will be working with at the gym in Andalusia.”