Think you’re an outcast? Biker church wants you

Published 12:02 am Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Christ Like Biker Church Pastor Brad Hall preaches Sunday. | Andrew Garner/Star-News

Christ Like Biker Church Pastor Brad Hall preaches Sunday. | Andrew Garner/Star-News

Andalusia has a new church in town.

The Christ Like Biker Church, located between Andalusia Music Asylum and All Is Well on East Three Notch Street, is an interdenominational church for anybody who wants to hear about Jesus.

Christ Like Biker Church Senior Minister Brad Hall and his wife, Shawna, founded the Christ Like Ministry almost three years ago. Both are a part of the Christian Motorcyclists Association.

Hall, a long-time biker, said the church is one of the ministries under the Christ Like umbrella, adding that there is a service-based ministry as well.

“I have a personal affinity to minister to the motorcycling community,” Hall said. “Although we say we’re a biker church, it’s more a church that reaches out to those for whatever reason feel like they’re outcasts and don’t belong.

“We’re trying to create an atmosphere without judgment and or condemnation,” he said.

The church meets at 2 p.m. each Sunday for hangout time. Then at 3 p.m. there is a worship service. Additionally, there is a recovery meeting on Monday nights at 8 for those battling addictions.

Hall said the hangout time period is purposely set.

“The vision there would be, especially bikers, if they go out on a Sunday ride, then they’d end up here at 2 o’clock,” he said. “We’d fire up the grill and socialize and roll into a worship service after that.”

Hall said he’s trying to get the church back to what it’s meant to be.

“It’s more than showing up for an A, B or C type service,” he said. “It’s service oriented. We’re going to come in here and praise and worship and hear a message, and then we’ll hit the streets and do what he tells us to do.”

Hall said the church’s beliefs are based on that God is made up of the trinity — Father, Son and Holy Spirit — and that the Bible is inspired by God and written by man.

“We believe it literally,” he said about the Bible. “We just want to preach Jesus here.”

Hall said he’s felt a conviction that for the last 2,000 years, the church as a whole has done a horrible job with what God has called it to do.

“We’ve become our own worst enemy,” he said. “We’ve allowed dogma, doctrine, religion and tradition to be the norm. We pray that you’ll hear something about Jesus. We’re trying to break down the societal norms.”

Hall said this church, which began worship services on May 1, isn’t as a result of a split from another church.

He encourages attendees to go to their desired church and come and worship at the biker church in the afternoon.

“We do it at 3 so we’re not trying to compete with other churches,” he said.

Until recently, Hall was the associate pastor at Mt. Gilead Baptist Church. He still attends worship there Sunday mornings before donning his lead pastor role at the biker church.

“It’s small, but blessed,” he said about the response. “We get one or two (worshippers) and we’re OK with that. We feel like we can come together, praise and worship, and have some music and share.

“We get a random soul that’ll come in,” he said. “Shawna and I, we understand that there may be days that we’re here alone. We’re just trusting in God to bless what he has asked us to do.”

For more information on the church, contact Shawna or Brad at 334-892-3489.