Kids learn basketball from local legends

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 11, 2015


Some kids spent the summer at home in front of the TV, but for several kids in Covington County they have spent part of their summer learning how to play basketball from local hoops legends Ricky Knight and Richard Robertson.


Knight and Robertson have put on this summer basketball camp for several seasons at the gymnasium at LBW.


“We just focus on the fundamentals of the game like dribbling, passing, shooting and defense,” Knight said.


The legendary pair of Knight and Robertson provided the kids with a wealth of knowledge on the game of basketball.


“We have been very successful with this bunch of kids,” Knight said. “They work hard and they have been willing to learn. I think they have picked something up that they can take home with them. They have learned things that they can work on at home, and become better basketball players.”


Knight said the kids had enjoyed themselves during the camp, and have been eager to learn what they need to become better players.


The kids wrapped up the camp Friday, and ended with a contest where the players ran three types of drills including two minutes to see how many layups one could make running up and down the court. After the layup drill, the players had two minutes to hit jump shots from the post on each sides of the court. The final drill was to see how many times each could do a defensive slide from inside the lane. The scores were added up at the end to determine a winner in each of the groups.


Each winner received an LBW Saints Under Armour backpack.


The winner for the youngest group was Conner Ray. The winner for the middle group was Thomas Clark and Austin Kelley won the oldest group.


Each camper received a camp T-Shirt.


“The whole purpose of this camp is just to give them some basic drills that they can work on at home in the driveway of the backyard,” Knight said. “They might seem like little things, but if they work on these during the summer it will make them into better basketball players.”