MAKING HIS DREAM COME TRUE: LBWCC’s Gandy drafted by Minnesota Twins

Published 12:05 am Friday, June 7, 2019

LBWCC sophomore Bryson Gandy’s dream came true on Wednesday when he got a call informing him that the Minnesota Twins drafted him in the 32nd round of the 2019 Major League Baseball draft.

“It’s always been a dream since I was young,” Gandy said of being drafted. “It’s always been a dream and I can’t believe I’ve accomplished it. Turning a dream into a reality.”

Gandy said that he was excited when he found out he had been drafted.

“Honestly, I was just shocked by it all, but it felt so great,” Gandy said. “It was just like a relief, you know what I mean. I was just happy that I achieved my goal that I’ve always wanted since I was a little boy.”

Before finding out he had been drafted, Gandy said the stress of waiting was getting to him.

“I was actually laying down in my bed because I was so discouraged because it was getting kind of late in the draft,” Gandy said when asked where he was when he got the news. “My dad came in jumping on the bed saying, ‘We made it baby!’ and congratulated me. I just felt great about it then.”

Going into the draft, Gandy said he didn’t care where he went he just wanted the opportunity to continue playing baseball.

“I really did not have a particular team that I wanted to go to,” Gandy said. “I just wanted that opportunity to make it. I’m just honestly happy that the Twins gave me a shot and they took a chance on me to give me this opportunity.”

Gandy will celebrate with family and friends for a few days before reporting to duty for the Twins.

“I’m leaving Sunday and will be down there on Monday,” Gandy said. “I will be in Fort Meyers, Florida, for two months.”

He is excited, but also a little nervous as he prepares to begin his professional career, Gandy said.

“I’m excited, but I’m a little nervous,” Gandy said. “If you aren’t a little nervous, then it doesn’t mean anything to you. I’m excited about it and I feel good.”

Playing at LBWCC is something Gandy said has really helped him and it’s a time he won’t forget.

“I loved LBW,” Gandy said. “My first year there, it was kind of rocky. I didn’t put the numbers up that I wanted to. Coach (Steve) Helms and Coach (Brandon) Ware stuck with me and they developed me and matured me into a player. Then my sophomore year, I just blew up and I thank them for that for just staying with me, perfecting my craft, not losing faith in me and doing everything they could to get me where I am today. I appreciate them for that. I just want to say thank you to everybody in Andalusia and LBW that supported me. I really loved it there and it was a great experience. I wouldn’t take it back for anything. I will forever be a Saint and I’m proud I went to Andalusia.”

Gandy is a left hand batter that plays centerfielder and he was a graduate of Charles Henderson High School.

This season for LBWCC Gandy was tied for the team lead in home runs with nine.

Gandy led the Saints in batting average (.364), on-base percentage (.466), slugging (.620), steals (18), walks (30), RBIs (49), hits (67), doubles (16) and was second in runs (54).