The cold didn’t get my beautiful primroses

Published 12:56 am Saturday, February 20, 2016

Peeping through my Venetian blind, I glanced gratefully at the primroses, lining the little walk from my trellis gate to the front door of my cottage. They have withstood the cold and continue to bloom beautifully.

Gentle reader, are you planning any special activities for Leap Year? A friend, born on February 29, tells me that he is treated to a big birthday party every four years to make up for the three he misses.

Fifty Forward, the fellowship group for adults, ages 50 plus, at First Baptist, Andalusia, met Tuesday, February 16, in the Fellowship Hall of First Baptist, East Three-Notch, for their monthly luncheon.

Gordon Vickers, director of senior adults at the church, presided.

The hall was decorated for Valentine’s Day with centerpieces of white vases with red roses, resting on mats designed for the holiday. About the white vases were glitter in the shape of hearts and small packs of candy hearts. Napkins, designed for Valentine’s, were at all plate settings.

The meal, catered by Wages of River Falls, included ham, cabbage, black-eyed peas, green salad, rolls, cornbread, and red-velvet cake (in keeping with valentines).

The decorating was done by Gordon Vickers, Kittye Wyatt, and Betty Bass.

Some of the decorating materials came from the supplies of the late Trudy Vickers, who always had decorations for special days. She is truly missed.

The invocation was delivered by Herb Carlisle, a member of the Fifty Forward Council.

The benediction was worded by Dr. Fred Karthaus, pastor of the church.

“Happy Birthday” was sung to Martha Cordell, the only person present with a February birthday.

The program was given by Frank “Trippy” McGuire, a district judge in Covington County as of 1993, retiring in 2014.

His career included private law practice (1979 – 1993), Opp municipal judge (1986 – 1993), and assistant district attorney (1983 – 1992).

Born in Mobile, but reared in Birmingham, he completed W.A. Berry High School in 1971, and went on to be graduated from Auburn in 1975 and from the Cumberland School of Law in 1978.

Married to the former Margaret Moore of Opp, “Trippy” and his wife have two married daughters, Natalie Davis and Jan Miles.

He is a deacon at Opp Church of Christ, where he has served as youth director.

His honors and responsibilities would fill pages.

“Trippy,” as he is affectionately known, gave a patriotic and inspiring speech on the state of America at this time in its history, discussing changes in the nation, especially those that would have been unthinkable a few decades ago.

He spoke of God, sin, Christian influence, prayer, politics, the Supreme Court nomination, the upcoming presidential election, abortion, sexual changes, and dozens of related topics, now current.

“Trippy” used scripture, often quoting it and applying it to modern situations.

Seen playing dominoes before the luncheon began were Gillis (Combman) Jones, Dr. Morgan Moore (chairman of the Fifty Forward Council), Herb Carlisle, and Buddy Brunson.

Someone was speaking of the “intensive care unit” and said, instead, “expensive care unit.”

Thursday, February 11, eighteen members of the Fifty Forward fellowship group of First Baptist, Andalusia, met at the Crow’s Nest Restaurant to eat and socialize. Those attending were Herb and Sue Carlisle, Morgan and Wilma Moore, Bill Law, Kittye Wyatt, June Smith, Vivian Hickey, Larry Shaw, Jim and Sherry Wingate, Lucy Martin, Bea Miller, Buddy and Betty Brunson, Gillis and Laura Ann Jones, and Gordon Vickers.

Jerry and Terri Short were in town Valentine’s weekend to visit his mother, Wilma Moore, and his stepfather, Morgan Moore.

Nancy Meyette of California, daughter of Herb Carlisle, has enjoyed a week’s visit with her father and stepmother, Sue.

Seen out and about of late were Nancy Robbins, Robert Lee Holley, Margaret Eiland, Peggy Eiland, Bill Law, and Dr. Yesil.

Once again, I ask the citizens of Andalusia to join the Covington Historical Society and pay its annual dues of $25 to help preserve the history of our county, whether you attend meetings or not. Mail to CHS, P.O. Box 1582, Andalusia, Alabama 36420.

Another hint as to the mysterian is that he is an honorary member of the A.H.S. Class of 1926, voted so for his help with a reunion held by the class.

Recent birthdays are those of Jack Benny, the comedian born on Valentine’s Day; John Barrymore, the actor known as “the Great Profile,” the grandfather of Drew Barrymore; David Garrick, an English actor; and the saying, “Remember the Maine.”

Also, on February 18, Jefferson Davis, the only president of the Confederate States of America, was inaugurated at the Capitol in Montgomery, Alabama. A bronze star marks the spot.

Now, gentle reader, allow me to join Buffalo Bob Smith in encouraging each of us to be in his place of worship this weekend, Lord willing.

Fare thee well.