What is a snowball that is not a snowball?

Published 1:07 pm Saturday, April 16, 2016

Peeping through my Venetian blind, I noticed the snowballs in bloom across the way at Covington Hall, which put into my mind a riddle: What is a snowball that is not a snowball?

The Covington Rifles, Camp 1586 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, assembled for their monthly meeting April 4 in the Dixon Memorial of the Andalusia Public Library.

Commander John Allen Gantt presided.

“Hank” Roberts worded the invocation.

Following pledges to the flags, all remained standing to sing “Dixie.”

April, it was announced, is Confederate History Month.

“Hank” Roberts presented the program, taking as his theme, “Magnolia Cemetery of Mobile,” not to be confused with Magnolia in Andalusia. (Almost every Southern town has a Magnolia Cemetery.)

Mr. Roberts detailed Confederate notables buried in Magnolia Cemetery in Mobile, including six Confederate generals and the novelist, Augusta Jane Evans Wilson.

Mrs. Wilson is best remembered for her novel, St. Elmo.

The mother of our Don Parsons loved St. Elmo so much that she read it at least once a year for as long as she lived.

A period for questions and comments followed the presentation.

Mr. Roberts ended the meeting with a benediction.

One may note the contribution made to the SCV by Mr. Roberts, especially in the area of programs and prayer.

There was one guest, Eddie Marczewski.

Refreshments were provided by Rosemary Gantt, wife of the Commander John Allen Gantt, in the form of a strawberry cake.

A letter recently arrived from Connie (Jackson) Hall, who once lived in Andalusia and attended our school system.

Connie now lives in Roanoke, Virginia.

Her mother, Edith Jackson, 87, is living and driving on her own in Chattanooga. Mrs. Jackson was good friends with the late Bernice (Stokes) Holley of Andalusia.

Connie’s elder sister is Bonnie (Jackson).

Connie was married to Larry L. Hall, who died April 25, four years ago.

In her letter Connie mentioned some of her friends made at East Three-Notch Elementary School – members of the 1977 class of AHS – Bill Baldwin, Celia Roland, Linda Moore, DeJuan Stroud, and DeJuan’s wife, Debra Merrill.

Celia Roland (Mrs. Carl Smyly) drove all the way from Birmingham, Alabama, to the memorial services for Connie’s husband in 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Has anyone been to Jasmine Hills Garden near Wetumpka this year? It’s known for its beautiful flowers and classical reproductions.

Gentle Reader, have you tried the potato salad at the Surly Mermaid? It’s delicious.

Seen out and about in the “Dimple of Dixie” were Robbie and Susan (Powell) Theus, Allen and Nell Wiggle, Wayne and Lenora Johnson, Daniel and Sharon (Dyess) Bulger, Jody and Judy Dillard and their son Tim, Heenan Spurlin, Bill Spurlin, Jimmy and Crystell Prestwood, Monty Russell and his daughter Michaelyn.

Samurai Restaurant serves slices of sweet potatoes, breaded and fried. They are excellent!

One of the best steaks in town can be found at David’s.

The “dirty rice” at Hook’s is tasty.

I received a notice that the Montgomery Advertiser would no longer be delivered in my area after April 10. This saddened me because I counted on the paper for news of my ol’ hometown. I shall especially miss news of deaths, of “Gasoline Alley,” and changes. It’s difficult to give up a habit of 70 years. I feel double-crossed!

Once again, I ask the citizens of Andalusia to join the Covington Historical Society and pay its annual dues of $25 to help preserve the history of our county, whether you attend meetings or not. Mail to P.O. Box 1582, Andalusia, Alabama 36420.

The mysterian has been partially identified as a three-legged dog. Who can finish the story?

Recent birthdays are those of William Hazlitt, an English essayist, and Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States.

Hazlitt’s essay on the feelings of immortality in youth is the best essay I have ever read.

April 12 the War Between the States began.

On April 14, 1828, Noah Webster published his dictionary.

Now, Gentle Reader, allow me to join Buffalo Bob Smith in encouraging each of us to be in his place of worship this weekend, Lord willing.

Fare thee well.