More rainy days ahead; tips to keep your kids occupied

Published 12:37 am Saturday, June 24, 2017

With as many rainy days as Covington County has seen in the area recently, parents are forced to come up with innovative ways to keep their children from going stir crazy.

And it looks like though Tropical Storm Cindy has moved out of the area, the chances for showers and thunderstorms have not.

There is a 70 percent chance of rain today and a 50 percent chance tonight.

Sunday there is a 50 percent chance during the day and a 20 percent chance on Sunday night, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

A 30 percent chance is forecast for Thursday.

Local parents shared how they have kept their children occupied over the last week.

According to several Covington County parents, including Andalusia Rocks founder Ashton Owens, painting rocks for the popular Andalusia Rocks rock-hiding group seems to be one popular activity for parents to do with their kids on rainy days.

The 4-1-1- on hiding Andalusia Rocks

Mandy Maddox Hilson said that she too painted rocks with her children and also made slime.

Andy and Charlene Griffin said that watching old episodes of Reading Rainbow on Amazon Prime is perfect for their children.

Walter Howell had a unique activity for children to do on a rainy day.

“Swimming at Yellow River,” Howell said.

Jessica-Tonya Aplin similarly suggested floating down the river.

Jenny Smith said her children were putting painters tape on doorframes to get them ready for painting, while Lynn Walker Starnes suggested making chocolate covered pretzels, which would make for a nice treat for children during a rainy day as well.

Heather Maude Trammell said her children were getting a jump-start on the next school year.

“We are working on preparing for the new school year, math and reading,” Trammell said. “With a few TV breaks.”

Megan Pinckard and her children didn’t let the rain stop them as they jumped on their trampoline through the rain.

Amanda Coleman Brooks said her children had a busy day inside.

“Netflix, food, drinks and brief bouts of running through the house,” Brooks said of her children’s day.

Emily Brooks said that she had a slew of plans ready for her children.

“Birthday Legos are getting put together a lot faster than planned,” Brooks said. “Going to the library (Thursday) and Friday, painting rocks, jumping in pool sized puddles when it isn’t lightning and coloring and hopefully mostly not on the kitchen floor.”