New goggles, obstacles to teach teens about drunk driving perils

Published 2:23 pm Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Andalusia area teens are about to learn more about the dangers of impaired driving, thanks to new equipment recently purchased by the Andalusia Police Department.

The APD added Drunk Busters carts and goggles to their tools to combat impaired driving. The tools will be officially rolled out at National Night Out activities set for Tues., Oct. 3, but last week, Chief Paul Hudson and APD officers gave the cart a whirl.

Participants wear goggles as they “drive” an obstacle course in a pedal cart. Each trip through the obstacle course, the goggles increase the blood alcohol content mimicked, from .15 BAC to intoxication at .25 BAC. There also is a set of goggles that mimics drug impairment.

Hudson said after the National Night Out debut, officers will use the carts in local schools to discourage impaired driving.

“This is something we’ve never had before,” Hudson said. “We think it’s a good thing for the kids to use.”

The package cost approximately $1,300, he said, adding that it was purchased with APD training funds.