Classes teach parenting skills

Published 2:29 am Friday, October 6, 2017

Not only does the Lucile Pierce Literacy Center give away free books to promote literacy, it’s also a center for classes on parenting.

The classes are offered to parents of children aged birth to five years of age. They are organized and taught by Dr. Jim Powell.

Powell earned a doctorate in early childhood, and specializes in birth to five years of age.

“Children don’t come with a ‘how-to’ manual,” Powell said, “It can be hard being a new parent.”

The classes are often used by DHR to help people with parenting, and the classes sometimes are even court-mandated for cases of domestic violence.

“We go through different techniques of raising a child.” Dr. Powell said of the classes.

The classes are by appointment, and set for the convenience of the client.

Classes start as soon as they have enrollment.

There are seven, two-hour-long sessions/

The classes have been offered for 15 years.

For more information you can call the Lucile Pierce Literacy Center at: 334-493-8888.