Reader adds free lending library to home

Published 2:30 am Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Faircloth Street is lined with beautiful homes, and since Sept. 12, it also fosters a library.

Except, this library is a foot and a half wide, and two feet tall.

The Little Free Library sits outside of Rachael Taylor’s house, near the street.

“I first discovered a Little Free Library in Montgomery. I went to turn a street corner and I literally bumped into one,” Taylor said.

With Taylor’s visual impairment, she lost the ability to read standard print.

“I didn’t want to donate books somewhere where they’d be tossed aside,” Taylor said, “I wanted to know they were going to be read.”

Taylor put up the Little Free Library in honor of her mother; who was an adult literacy and elementary school teacher.

“I grew up surrounded by books, and I had such a love for language, it had a lot to do with my mother,” Taylor said.

The concept is simple, the Little Free Library is a weather-resistant box, meant to hold books that people can go and collect for free. There is an option to trade, but it’s not required.

“It’s open 24/7 and is equipped with a motion sensor light for anyone who would like a book at any time,” Taylor said.

The Little Free Library is a non-profit organization meant to build up a love for reading, and creativity among communities.

“I want everyone to know that this library belongs to the community,” Taylor said.

Taylor’s library houses anything from Harry Potter books to non-fiction novels.

Today, the Little Free Library has 60,000 registered libraries across the United States as well as 80 other countries.