New job takes her back where she started

Published 1:25 am Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Laura Hartline is giving back to the very place that gave her her very first job many years ago.

The 1989 Pleasant Home High School graduate spent her summers throughout her high school years and early 20s working at the Blue Lake Methodist Camp as a kitchen helper, and is now the food service director.

She has been the food service director for a little more than a month.

“Blue Lake really taught me my work ethic, and it’s nice coming back and knowing where everything is,” Hartline said.

As the food service director, Hartline oversees two kitchens and 12 workers in the holiday season, with more in the summers.

“When we have summer camps we hire on more kitchen help and head cooks to help because of how many people we’ll have here,” Hartline said, “The holidays are usually slower, but we are still open 365 days a year,”

It’s up to Hartline to come up with a menu that caters to people with allergies, ensure there are enough ingredients for every meal, even if that means running to a store for last minute things.

“It was overwhelming at first, but I got used to it, and now I love it, I really am blessed,” Hartline said.

Hartline also worked as a cook at the Solon Dixon Forestry Education Center.

“There’s a lot that goes into working here, I order the ingredients, I put together the menus, I oversee the staff, I help cook and clean,” Hartline said, “But I love it. We are all a family. We are one big team, and we work together well. I have always loved a challenge,”

The Blue Lake Methodist Camp is looking for head cooks as well as kitchen helpers, to apply, or make a reservation with the camp, contact 334-222-5407.