New clerk loves small-town feel

Published 12:57 am Thursday, November 16, 2017

Florala has a new city clerk, and she’s no stranger to the city hall.

The council hired Gina Hendriks on Nov. 8.

As a city clerk, Hendriks is expected to handle building permits, take care of employees, do accounts payable and accounts recivalbe for the city, and handle pay.

“It’s not difficult, I’ve had experience filling in there,” Hendricks said, “And I’ve had corporate experience with a DoD contractor,”

Hendriks also owns Jackson’s Corner in Florala.

“I enjoy public work, I like to problem solve,” Hendriks said, “I love the small town atmosphere.”

Hendriks grew up in Freeport, and moved to Florala from Fort Walton Beach a few years ago.

“I have family in Crestview, and I really enjoy Florala,” Hendriks said.

She has three sons and 10 grandchildren.

Hendriks enjoys selling antiques at Jackson’s Corner, and likes to watch baseball.

“As city clerk, I hope to support the city, and bring more people in to boost revenue,” Hendriks said, “To help fund our construction on the roads, and anything we might need,”