Baptist Association names service center for founders

Published 1:22 am Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Christian Service Center recently was renamed, and dedicated to its founders.

The Neal and Kittye Wyatt Christian Service Center was created in 1986 from the ideas of Neal Wyatt, who passed away in 2012.

Neal was the former director of the Covington Baptist Association; Kittye was head of the administration.

“He was very selfless, always going the extra distance for the ministry,” Mrs. Wyatt said.

Mrs. Wyatt still works as a cashier up to three days a week, like she has been for the past 31 years.

“I still do it because I love it. I love helping people, and help really is needed,” Mrs. Wyatt said.

The couple, originally from Shelby County, founded four other Christian Service Centers.

“Neal was in the Navy for 21 years,” Mrs. Wyatt said, “When he was in the service, he felt his calling to the Lord, we were always active in church, but Neal wanted to do more.”

The Wyatts moved to Graceville, Fla., in their 30s and 40s, with two sons, and started college at the Baptist College of Florida to teach the ministry.

“The Lord was calling us,” Mrs. Wyatt said.

From there, they moved to northern Alabama, founding two other Christian Service Centers.

Now, there are three in Covington County alone, Opp, Florala, and the one in Andalusia.

“I wish he could see how much is into it now,” Mrs. Wyatt said, “He would really be amazed.”

Today, trash bags are lined up to the ceiling of the storage room in the Neal and Kittye Christian Service Center, stuffed with clothes, shoes, toys.

“I feel unworthy of this, and very humbled. Neal thought of it all on his own, he had the vision, and we both loved helping others. The Lord called us to it, and I wouldn’t change it,” Mrs. Wyatt said, “These people here, they don’t get paid. We do this work because we want to help, because we love helping people.”

The Christian Service Center is always in need of volunteers. For information, call them at 334-222-3840.