Community rallies to help family with vehicle

Published 1:09 am Friday, December 15, 2017

A local woman took the “gift of giving” to a whole new level this holiday season.

Christy Turner noticed a woman walking in Andalusia and offered her a ride to her destination.

“I saw her walk around a lot, so I decided I would offer her a ride,” Turner said.

“My friend Brandi Long later drove her home and talked to her a little more about her situation.”

That’s how Turner and Long found out that the woman had a family, with two girls, a 16-week-old and a 2-year-old. The family didn’t have a car.

“Brandi and I have been through bad times before, so we understood her. Brandi got the woman to talk,” Turner said.

“She basically told us how she didn’t have a car, how she purchased groceries from a local Dollar General, and how her husband walked to work every day.”

From there, Turner and Long knew that they had to do something for the family.

“I just thought of how this woman walks everywhere,” Turner said.

“What if there was a medical emergency? She has no vehicle, she’s home alone with her two children. I also thought of how you can’t really purchase any real food from a Dollar General.”

“It’s too cold and dangerous for a young girl to be walking alone in the dark.”

Turner took to Facebook and posted a status asking if anyone would be willing to donate to purchase a car for the family.

She started receiving donations on Tuesday, within 24 hours of posting a status on Facebook.

“We raised around $1,800, that’s enough to get a car with insurance and pay some of their other needs,” Turner said.

“The response from the community has been absolutely amazing, people have been donating left and right. We’ve gotten diapers, gift baskets and clothes. All within a day.”

For more information about donating, please contact Turner at 334-208-9490.