Opp man, 78, threatens suit

Published 2:10 am Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A man who has repeatedly complained to the Opp City Council said on Monday night that if he couldn’t reach a resolution with the city he would sue.

Resident David Markham, 78, said he addressed the previous council in past meetings.

“I wrote a note to Opp Electric asking for a copy of their policy. I got a letter back (from city attorney David Baker),” Markham said.

“It said I’m not entitled to a record, but what I was asking for was a copy of their policy. I’m not entitled to harassment.”

In the letter, Markham was informed that the Opp Utilities Board voted against his request for an exemption on paying a deposit for electric service.

Markham said that wasn’t what he requested, but instead, wanted to not give his Social Security number.

In the letter, Markham said Baker requested that he contact his office if he had other questions or requests about this issue.

Additionally, Baker asked Markham to stop harassing the utilities department workers.

“I don’t take threats lightly,” Markham said.

“If I have to, I will pursue it another way.”

Markham asked the council if this is how they want Opp to be represented.

“That is not,” Mayor Becky Bracke said.

Markham said the utilities asked for his Social Security number, which he said he doesn’t have to provide.

Markham’s second complaint was about loud music and loud vehicles.

“I’ve called the cops several times and they have done nothing, saying that didn’t hear it, so they can’t do anything about it,” Markham said.

“I don’t understand that, the truck is red and has no mufflers. That’s not legal. It rides up and down West Hart Avenue bothering everyone around us.”

Not many people file complaints, Markham said.

“I’m not going to take this like the people in my neighborhood. I’m too old to sit around and do nothing,” he said.

Markham’s third complaint was on the loose dogs in his neighborhood.

“There was a dog running loose in the neighborhood so I took it to the dog catcher. A boy came on my property and threatened me over that dog,” Markham said.

“I am a 78-yearold man and this 20-year-old raises his hands up at me on my property over his dog. I am too damn proud to run away.”

Markham has said little has changed since the last meeting he attended.

Mayor Bracke said she would look into all of the complaints.