Blue Lake’s already seeking summer counselors

Published 2:17 am Saturday, January 13, 2018

Blue Lake Methodist Camp is looking for 20 extra sets of hands for their 2018 summer camp, specifically counselors.

“A counselor entails serving as a mentor for kids, spiritually and mentally,” Jeff Wilson, the program director said.

“Counselors will be with the kids at all times, leading them through activities and games. You’ll get to know and lead these kids.”

For the eight-week summer camp, counselors will live in dorms on the grounds of the camp.

“As a counselor, you’re here to change kids’ lives, and you learn a lot along the way,” Wilson said.

“It’s a hard job, but you grow with it.”

Wilson says they prefer college-aged counselors with at least one year of college completed.

“That’s not necessarily an age limit,” he said.

Counselors will be guiding kids aged anywhere from 3rd grade to 12th grade.

Counselors will also go through a background check, mandatory training such as First Aid, CPR, Life guarding, Safe Sanctuary and ACA practices.

There is no requirement to be a Methodist.

There will be an interview process to determine character.

“During training that’s when I usually determine what age group a counselor should be placed with,” Wilson said.

“For the more energetic or goofy counselors, I would want to place those with the younger kids. For the more laid back counselors that command attention, I would want to place those with junior high or high school aged.”

It’s hard to be a counselor, Wilson said.

“You learn a lot of patience, you learn what a Christian community is. You really learn about yourself spiritually and physically in a whole,” he said.

There are also positions open for lifeguards and media coordinators.

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