To treat flu, some look to natural remedies

Published 1:34 am Tuesday, January 16, 2018

For those trying to avoid the flu and willing to use natural remedies, Sharri Bowman, owner of All Is Well, has some recommendations.

“Probiotics, echinacea, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, these are all things you can do to prevent sickness year round,” Bowman said.

“Those are just a few things that can really help build your immune system.”

Flu rates are so high in Alabama, Gov. Kay Ivey last week declared a medical state of emergency, urging those who had not been vaccinated to get a flu shot. The Alabama Department of Public Health also encouraged those who are sick to stay in to avoid exposing others, and to avoid the emergency room if they have only mild symptoms, allowing the sickest patients to get the care they need.

For those with the flu, Bowman recommends elderberry, which is in high demand these days.

“Elderberry is really good for your immune system. It’s an anti-viral and it’s the first thing I take whenever I’m showing any signs of sickness,” she said.

“Especially for anything that has cold or flu-like symptoms. There are a couple of forms of it, pill, spray and syrup. Syrup form will be fast acting and the most effective.”

Bowman says there has been an increase in people buying elderberry.

“There have been at least three people here today buying elderberry,” she said.

“There’s just a lot of benefits.”

The best course of action is to use preventatives throughout the year to avoid flu, Bowman said.

“It’s really important to build your immune system throughout the year,” she said.

“So that when it comes down to it, you’re in good shape.”

Another good natural remedy for the flu is Thieves Essential Oil.

“A lot of my customers swear by that as well,” Bowman said.

All Is Well sells elderberry in four different forms; syrup, pill, lozenge and also a ‘Counter Attack’ pill that contains not only elderberry but also berberine.

On Thursday, the store is expecting a shipment of elderberry specifically for children.

The store is located on East Three Notch Street.