Happy ending: Beloved car stolen during owner’s funeral returned in dark of night

Published 2:14 am Saturday, January 27, 2018

A beloved car stolen during a funeral was returned to the family of the owner this week.

The 1966 Fairlane 500 XL convertible was stolen during the funeral of William Price on Mon., Jan. 15.

Police were actively searching for the car all over the Laurel Hill and Florala area, Robert Price, William’s brother said.

“There isn’t a place in 500 miles that the car wouldn’t be recognized,” Price said.

“It’s a distinct color red.”

Price said police interrogated two suspects within the area of Laurel Hill and Florala on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

Price credits social media with helping find the car.

“I really believe the Facebook posts from my son, Christopher, really made the thief return the car,” Price said.

“I think the heat was really on them so to speak. There was no way that person could have driven the car in daylight without being stopped.”

By Wednesday of this week, the car was parked back at William’s residence.

“We had a relative watching the property and he called us and told us the car was right back under the barn where it was stolen from,” Price said.

“The thief had returned it sometime in the night. There were only minor problems like a messed up front tire and the front fender damaged. I’m just so happy we have it back.

“I appreciate everyone who called and gave out tips to the police and shared the Facebook post. This is really a happy ending,” he said.