Mobile apps speed up fast food service

Published 12:11 am Thursday, February 15, 2018

New technologies and customized apps are changing the way local fast food restaurants do business.

At Sonic, although there isn’t an option to order via mobile, there is an option to pay through a smartphone.

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“The app makes it to where you can pay from your phone,” Armon Momenpour of Sonic said.

“It gives customers a piece of mind about their money and how it’s handled. Also you can pay from your phone so if you forgot your card you can pay that way,” he said.

Tropical Smoothie has had online orders for a while, owner Skip Enzor said.

“It’s really convenient not just for the customer but also the worker. It comes in with the other orders and they can go straight to work,” he said.

“It’s really easy for the customer to order from the app. They just pull through the driveway, grab the food and go,” he said.

Little Ceaser’s has recently started online ordering, Enzor said.

“We started it about last week,” he said.

McDonald’s has an app for mobile ordering with the option to go inside to eat, go through the drive through or wait curbside to have the food brought out.

The system works through a sensor that tracks customers’ locations through the app to ensure food will be made by the time the customer arrives.

On the app, the customer will specify if they want to eat inside, have it taken to the curb for them, or drive through with the code.

It really makes it easier on the customer and can save a lot of time, employees said.

Dominoes, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell are just a few other places that also have similar features.