Food truck specialty is Louisiana crawfish

Published 6:57 pm Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Welcome to Crawfish City, a food truck open on weekends that specializes in crawfish.

Crawfish City has been opened for the past four years, located on the grounds of Steampro.

“I started this because I used to work a lot in Louisiana,” Rick Wunsh, owner of the food truck, said.

When Wunsh isn’t selling crawfish, he’s managing Steampro, a business he’s had for 26 years.

“One of my favorite places to eat in Louisana is called Crawfish City, so that’s where we got the idea for the name.”

Wunsh gets his crawfish from Lafeyette, ordering ahead of time for over the weekend.

“We’re open only Friday and Saturday and it’s always packed,” he said.
“We run out fast. This past Saturday we ran out of crawfish early.”

The crawfish is sold for $5.99 a pound and there’s an option to purchase it raw or boiled.

But if there’s a worry about running out of crawfish, Crawfish City serves more than crawfish.

“We also sell shrimp, potatoes, corn and we’re talking about adding more to our menu, maybe gumbo,” Wunsh said.

Wunsh says that he’s planning to add a covered breezeway with picnic tables for people to sit and enjoy their food.

“We usually set out chairs out in front of Steampro for our customers to sit,” he said.

“The breezeway would be bigger and better for a seating area.”

Crawfish City also does catering.

“You tell me where you want me and I’ll be there,” Wunsh said.
Because crawfish are seasonal, Wunsh says he doesn’t plan to sell throughout the week.
“Crawfish season can last from November to July. The best crawfish are in the springtime,” he said.
“I’ve had people tell me I should have a restaurant but I just don’t see that happening with crawfish being such a seasonal thing.”

Crawfish City is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.