Coleman takes over Crossover Ministries

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 5, 2018

There are new things happening at Crossover Ministries, starting with a new director.

Red Coleman has been executive director of the faith-base addiction recovery center since January.

The center has both men and women programs.

“It’s hard to fill in Todd’s (Todd Sasser) shoes and it’s definitely a position with a lot of responsibility,” Coleman said.

Coleman said that Sasser has always been a mentor for him, from his own time going through the first program, and now to being a part of the ministry.

“I’ve been working at the ministry for 13 years, I was in the first class to go through the program. It’s a lot to take over for Todd because he was such a huge spiritual mentor for me.”

Coleman says that despite the big shoes he hopes to fill, it’s a very rewarding job and he’s enjoying it.

“I don’t want to do anything different with the ministry. I’ve watched it change over the years, and sometimes it’s easy to get ahead of yourself when you’re working. You just need to find your place back with Jesus.”

Coleman plans to focus more on God’s word and help those that have seemed to have been thrown away by society.

“Our goal is to give these drug addicts a chance they need. Society rejects them and we help them through an intense program that focuses on studying and applying God’s word,” Coleman said.

Coleman also plans to carry out plans left behind by his predecessor.

“Todd’s vision was to have a more central location; moving the farmer’s market closer to the actually ministry,” he said.

“This year will actually be the last year we sell produce at the current location,”

Crossover Ministry Produce is located on US Hwy 84 towards Opp and is 11 miles away from Crossover Ministries.

“We have about 22 men and 14 women in our program. We run about five trucks all over the county for construction work, working the produce farm and other volunteer work for the people in our program. That’s a lot of gas and oil being burned up,” he said.

“So we’re hoping to save some money and make a central location.”

Coleman says they’ve purchased land on Hattaway Road across from MFG in Opp.

“With the move we’ve planned to add a real clean bathroom facility, walking trails and add more produce. This could cut down on expenses, cut down on travel and we can focus on more of what we like to teach. Which is a relationship through Christ.”