Fake pizza order leads to car theft

Published 12:19 am Thursday, May 17, 2018

Woman’s vehicle taken during pizza delivery that wasn’t

A Domino’s Pizza employee’s car was stolen Tuesday night when she left the keys in it during a delivery.

Peyton Harris has been working at Domino’s for almost two years, but just recently became a driver.

It all started when a large chicken, bacon and ranch pizza needed to be delivered.

“Someone placed an order for the address at 502 Palmetto Street,” Harris said.

“When I got to the address to deliver the pizza, there was a guy sitting on the front porch smoking.”

Harris said as she walked up to the porch, the man told her he hadn’t ordered a pizza.

She said she asked him if it was 502 Palmetto Street.

“He said, ‘Yes ma’am, hey there’s someone in your car!’ ”

Harris turned around to see someone backing up in her car, a 2004 grey Hyundai Elantra, and pulling out on Brooks Street.

“They were hiding in the bushes at an abandoned house with super high grass, waiting for me to get out of my car,” she said.

Harris said she immediately started freaking out.

“I asked the man (at the house) to call 911 and he called and talked to them. The police showed up and we both did a report,” she said.

The officers tried to track her phone only to find that the phone had been thrown out the window on East Three Notch Street.

Harris was taken to the police department to wait for her mother to pick her up.

“They told me to lock all my cards and call my car dealership to see if there was a GPS in my car,” she said.

“I called Midtown Motors in the morning and found out that I do have a GPS in my car. My car was on McLendon Avenue. Midtown Motors then reported the location of my car to the police department and they’re investigating the situation.”

Harris said Wednesday afternoon her vehicle had been recovered, but was in police custody as the investigation continued. Harris says she was mainly concerned about her belongings inside of the vehicle.

“Hopefully everything is still where it was,” she said.

The Andalusia Police Department’s spokesperson said that the case is still under investigation.

“The car has been recovered and we have investigators working on it,” Schofield said.