After 14-month deployment, magistrate is back on job

Published 1:25 am Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Imagine being deployed and finding out your wife is about to go in labor.

Aron Jenkins, an officer within the Navy Reserves as well as the Florala city magistrate, says his 14-month long deployment had its ups and downs.

Jenkins left in April of 2017 and returned in June of this year.

One of the more positive experiences he had was getting to come back to the States for a three week break, just in time to see his son being born in January.

“I actually made it back 48 hours before he was born,” Jenkins said.

“I got 10 extra days to spend with my family plus the two weeks I had. It wasn’t enough, but it was better than nothing.”

Jenkins said he joined the United States Navy because he grew up surrounded by the military.

“I was an Army brat and I have been around the military lifestyle for a long time. I wanted to serve my country too,” he said.

“I started out in active duty for 12 years and now I’m in the reserves and I have been for four years.”

Jenkins is a surface warfare officer and was individually assigned to a unit out of North Carolina for his deployment.

“I definitely missed my wife and I also missed having options,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins spent more than a year on a mile and a half base in Africa.

“I also ate the same food every seven days, so there wasn’t a lot of change.”

Jenkins says that now that he’s home he plans to spend time with his son and his wife.

He also plans to get back involved with the Florala Volunteer Fire Department as well as back to work with the property preservation business he owns.

On Monday, Jenkins returned to his job as the city magistrate.

“I’m excited to be back and be with my family as well as catch up with my friends,” he said.

Jenkins was given a warm welcome back as the city magistrate with a breakfast from his coworkers.