Bakery, event center opens on Hwy. 84

Published 9:09 am Saturday, July 14, 2018

A bakery has opened in the former Pop’s Place and it might just ruin a few low-carb diets.

“It’s a full-out bakery and events space,” Tammy Atkins, the owner, said.

Atkins fittingly named her bakery, “The Country Venue,” because of the spacious building and the rural area it sits on.

Tammy Atkins shows off some of her cupcakes. headline

“It actually kind of fell into my lap,” she said, about leasing the building.

“I noticed that whoever had the building at the time was selling it and I knew it had tons of space. I’ve always wanted to own my own bakery.”

Atkins has been baking all her life with her grandparents, but she really got into it around 2009. Ever since then, she’s been baking for friends and family.

“This is something I’ve done my entire life and I can finally share it with everyone else,” she said.

Because of Atkins’ experience in catering, she also offers her bakery as a venue with an option to rent a side room, or the entire building.

“The fenced in area is perfect for any small-sized family wedding,” she said.

“The reception can be held within the building with your very own in-house catering. It’s a one stop shop.”

Atkins likes the idea of weddings because she loves the memories made.

“The cake is really important in a wedding, I’ve delivered cakes in the past and seeing the looks on the bride’s and groom’s faces is what drives me to do this,” she said.

“I love baking because of how happy it makes others.”

So far, the bakery has been open a week and business has been great.

“I’m excited for all the things to come,” Atkins said.

“I’m excited to give the community a place where they can go and sit down, relax and eat cookies and drink coffee.”

Atkins said she’s also excited to give the community options on birthday party venues and cake customization.

“This is the community’s place.”

Atkins prepares specialty cakes, cookies, cupcakes, teacakes and much more.

The Country Venue is located at  21925 US Highway 84 in Andalusia.