Ministerial Association seeks funding to help travelers

Published 12:46 pm Saturday, July 21, 2018


For 25 years I have been writing an article as a member of the Andalusia Ministerial Association.

However, I have never written an article about the ministerial association. I do not know when the ministerial association was organized. I do know why it was organized. It was organized as a fellowship group for ministers. Someone had the idea that it would be good for ministers to be able to gather together, share and get to know each other. All ministers of all denominations are welcome in this fellowship. Through the years, opportunities for unified ministries were developed.

The ministerial association hosts three community gatherings. The Easter Sunrise Service held at the Andalusia Memorial Cemetery. The community Thanksgiving service is held on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. The location rotates each year. The National Day of Prayer observance is held on the first Thursday of May. This is usually held on the Court Square.

The ministerial association provides three monthly ministers to the community. Ministers volunteer to provide a devotion for the Andalusia Nursing Home each Wednesday, write an article for the Saturday edition of Andalusia Star News, and serve as an on-call chaplain for the Andalusia Health Hospital.

There is one other ministry provided by the ministerial association. This is the transit assistance program.

The association provides the funding for the assistance of those who are traveling through Andalusia.

The ministerial association cooperates with the chaplains of the Andalusia Police Department to provide this assistance. This program has certain stipulations and conditions. Assistance can be provided to anyone traveling through Andalusia en route to another location. If that person goes to a church seeking help, the church staff can send them the Andalusia Police Department. A chaplain will be notified and will come the APD to meet with the individual. The chaplain can use his discretion of the type of assistance that can be provided, whether lodging, fuel, and or food. Certain businesses have agreed to accept a voucher for the assistance needed.

Now, here is the main question. Where does the Andalusia Ministerial Association get the money to money to provide that assistance? The simple answer in you. A support offering is received twice a year.

In the past we have requested funding from the United Fund. For the past three years we have not requested any funding because we had been able to accumulate a reserve. This has now been depleted.

This whole article has been an explanation for this purpose. For the first time in 25 years we need to appeal for extra help. We are going to request funding from the United Fund but that will not be available until March. We do not want to have to stop this assistance program, so we need extra funding. We need $1,000 immediately.

If 10 people, businesses, or organizations would give a donation of $100, this would get us over our current need.

Donations can be sent to:

Andalusia Ministerial Association

P.O. Box 1603

Andalusia Al. 36420


The Rev. Leroy Cole is director of community ministries for the Covington Baptist Association.